The Initiative


(Ref 137-346 NPO)

The decision was made in August 2011 to start an initiative to try and make a positive impact in the lives of members of our local communities by providing them with bicycles that they can use to get to work and back, thus saving them money that could rather be used to put food on the table for them and their families.

An appeal was made via a local internet cycling forum for any unwanted bikes and parts that could be used to build up working bikes that could be donated.

We build reliable bikes from the parts we receive and give these bikes away, free of charge. Recipients are given bikes on a per-nomination basis.

By April 2016 we have been able to provide almost 70 individuals with free bicycles.


Whether you are an individual, a cycling shop or distributor/importer or a corporate, you can help! You can donate your used and / or unwanted bike parts to Build-a-Bike. Donations will be accepted in the form of parts, frames and forks and anything else you can think of.

If you work at or own a bike shop or cycling goods distribution business, you can help by donating some basic essentials that may be hard to come by, like tyres and tubes, puncture repair kits, spokes, cables, grips etc.

If you are a corporate company and wish to sponsor this initiative, please contact me to discuss options.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has already contributed!


My vision is to provide bikes to those who will use them as a basic means of transport or to use as a bike to enter into the sport of cycling. Wouldn’t it be great if someone you know can save on taxi money and ride a bike to work? Think about how that financial saving could make a huge difference to their lives.

If you know of someone that you think could benefit by receiving on of our bikes, please contact me by sending an email to and provide me with their particulars.

Tell me their story: where they live, work and how they travel.

Help us to help those in need of a helping hand and let’s change lives together.

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