Brake bleeding course


Brake bleeding course for Shimano, Tektro and Magura brakes using mineral oil hydraulic fluid.

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Shimano brake bleed course

If you have Shimano, Magura or Tektro brakes, bleeding them shouldn’t be intimidating. It’s actually pretty simple. Attend this brake bleeding course to learn how.


When should you bleed your brakes?

  • When the lever starts to feel spongy
  • If you shortened the hose and some air entered the system (or if you need to shorten the hose)
  • If you pulled the brake lever without the wheel in place and one or both of the pistons popped out and leaked fluid.

This course is presented on-demand, so contact us to set a date.

This course will run for approximately 3 hours.

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24 Sept 2016, 15 Oct 2016


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