Donate a bike, change a life

This Christmas season, we all start thinking about the shopping we need to do, and what gifts we will buy for our loved ones. Gadgets, new bikes, the latest iPhone. First world problems for sure.

What about the people who share our community who aren’t as lucky? The gardeners, security guards and other blue-collar workers. They don’t want bluetooth headsets or a new Garmin. They just want to provide for their families and hopefully have a hot Christmas lunch.

What’s my point? What can we do about this? If you’re a cyclist, you probably have the 10-year old bike gathering dust in the garage, or a box of old 9-speed parts hidden under the workbench. Put these bikes and parts back into service and help someone less fortunate than yourself. Donate a bicycle and give the gift that will change a life!

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I’ll take these parts and bikes and get them to guys who can use a bike for everyday transport. Public transport costs these guys up to R50 per day. Imagine what they could do with R1000 extra every month!

Here’s the plan:

  • Dig out all of your stuff you’ll never use again
  • Drop it off at the PwC Bike Park
  • Know that you’ve helped make someone’s life better

Give me a shout if you need more info, or would like to help out.


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