Bicycle tools and skills that will save your ride

What bicycle tools should you carry and what skills should you learn to save a ride-gone-wrong? From punctures to broken chains, bad things happen to good cyclists, but don’t despair – you can survive and ride on….

We ride on the road and on trails, in cities and in nature – basically, we ride outside. Outside is unpredictable and dynamic. It’s best to prepare yourself for any eventuality or you risk walking back home, to the car, or summoning an Uber-van for you and your bike.

  1. Tools and spares:
    1. A good quality multi-tool – incorporating Allen keys, a chain breaker, screwdrivers, spoke wrenches and a torx bit
    2. A strong tyre lever or two
    3. Tubeless tyre plug kit
    4. A spare tube
    5. A pump or CO2 canister(s) and adapter
    6. Spare tubeless valve
    7. Chain lube
    8. Spare chain quick-link
    9. Spare derailleur hanger
  2. Skills:
    1. Know what the above tools are used for
    2. Know HOW to use the above tools and spares

In addition to the above list of things to carry, I like to also carry a Leatherman or similar multitool, some cable ties, some electrical tape, a tyre boot, basic first aid kit, a few energy gels and a cell phone.


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Look out for the next post in the series where I’ll describe details on how to use the items listed above to solve the most common ride-ending issues.